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Free and Open Source Immersive-Sim

Thousands of years after the collapse of the modern world, your people flourish in a small village nestled in the valley of Mount Greylock. There is fertile land and clean flowing river water.  The Elders oversee and govern your people, through strictly following the teachings from The Book. The Elders and The Book decide who works what job, who mates with who, what technologies are allowed, and what are not allowed.

 Only the hunter may wield the bow, only the lumberjack may wield the hatchet, and so on.  God allows man a small set of tools, to want more beyond this set is to sin, and the Elders and their Shamans see to that everyone in the village respects these truths.

For thousands of years these practices have kept your people stable. That is until, after his two thousand year slumber, Arx awakens deep within the forbidden caves under Mount Greylock.

An Immersive World

  • Greylock is a first-person free-roaming RPG where your actions guide the story.  
  • The environment is built using LIDAR scans of the Berkshires mountain range in North America. 
  • There are over 100 NPCs, each with personalities, needs, and daily schedules. Any character, no matter how important to the story, can die at any time.

Overcome, your way

  • The main quest of the game is to help Arx build a laboratory and develop technologies such as radio beacons and steam engines. 
  • There are many game systems the player can use to accomplish their goals: climbing, wall jumping, setting fires, poisoning food, bartering, stealth, befriending NPCs, and more.

Living AI Systems

  • NPCs and the player all have needs to meet such as eating food, drinking water, socializing with friends, and sleeping.
  • NPCs share information through a conversation system which allows knowledge and memes to spread. 
  • If the player is too wanton with violence and disruption they can be banished from their home village or even cause a collapse of the village.

Hi, my name is Matt and I am the only dev on Greylock. Greylock is possible thanks to the OpenMW engine, and all the tools and resources available to the Morrowind modding community. 

On full release I aim for Greylock to be an entirely stand alone game, until then it will require Morrowind for some art assets.

I hope to have a basic playable demo with one basic gameloop (a small quest with many ways to solve, a village whose inhabitants live simulated lives, and an ancient ruin to explore) sometime in Q1 2018!